Single Mom Best Buy: Amazon Kindle Fire

So I’m strolling through Best Buy on my lunch break this afternoon and it was love at first sight.  Right there before my very eyes, not five feet away was the Amazon Kindle Fire! The demo on display seemed like it was engulfed in a halo of light.  On its screen a gorgeous digital image of  the cutest border collie puppy with the biggest brown eyes I had ever seen.    I was so entranced with the Amazon Kindle Fire with  its sleek black lines and crystal clear display that I didn’t even notice him walking up on my right. 

Just as I was about to reach out to the Kindle Fire to test out the handwriting app, his hand came out of nowhere and beat me to it!  How dare this intruder come between me and my Kindle Fire!  The audacity of him! His rudeness!  His tactlessness! His. . .gorgeous smile!  That was something I hadn't noticed in my coveting the object of my affection.  Somehow, I had missed the tall, dark and handsome business man who had covertly separated me from my Kindle Fire.  It was going to be a challenge to elbow my way back in, but I could do it.  The built-in WiFi along with an internal memory of 800 songs for on $199 was worth the extra effort. 

I took a step back to come up with a game plan, but just as suddenly, the gorgeous smile turned and walked away.  He was headed straight for the sales guy.  He was about to buy MY KINDLE FIRE!  I had to stop him.  I quickly grabbed the first representative I saw and told her that I Needed the Kindle Fire!  She reassured me that there were plenty in stock, but I didn’t trust that.  I would not. . . I could not rest until I had my Kindle Fire in my hot little hands. 

It took an eternity for her to ramble through the electronics jail cell high about the storeroom floor, but after 15 excruciating minutes, it was finally all mine.  I was so excited that I had almost forgotten the cute guy with the gorgeous smile.  Then I saw him standing by the Geek Squad desk on my way to the candy section.  Just as I walked by, he held up his new Kindle Fire with a handwritten note that said, “Call me!  555 – 1231.”  I  boldly walked over to him and simply stated, “How about you call me?” and handed him my business card.  “Great!” he said, “Perhaps we can compare notes  on our new Kindle Fire over coffee.”  “Sounds good.”  All I could do was smile and walk over to get me some Gummy Bears to calm my suddenly rubbery knees.  Regardless of if he calls or not, today was a good day.  I got my Kindle Fire

I had just t put my car in gear and the mysterious Kindle coveting stranger out of my mind when a text message came through on my cell phone.  I didn’t recognize the number, but it simply said, “coffee after work? ~Sir Kindle Fire”. What do I say?

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