Breast Cancer Awareness: Remember to Guard the Girls!


Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer to affect women and men at any age. Since its reach is widespread, cancer awareness is very important in order to assist women in identifying the initial signs and symptoms of cancer. This is important as there is currently a 96% survival rate if breast cancer is diagnosed and treated early. However, there are more than 40,000 women who succumb to breast cancer on an annual basis. This indicates that in these unfortunate circumstances, there is not enough awareness of the importance of self breast exams. Breast cancer awareness bracelets are one very simple means by which health care providers can spread the word and increase breast cancer awareness. In addition, other consumer products just as tote bags, t-shirts and other novelty items are very visible reminders of the ongoing battle against breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets

There are numerous means by which groups of women and men who support the breast cancer awareness cause. Onesuch means is by the annual race for a cure and breast cancer awareness which is sponsored by the Susan B. Komen Foundation. This event promotes breast cancer awareness and increases the visibility of breast cancer awareness information by way of t-shirts, breast cancer awareness bracelets and other paraphernalia which support the cause.

Join the Cause!

Join the Cause!

In the United States, many women are already aware of this disease as well as its distressing effect on many personal lives of those who develop breast cancer and the people who care for them. However, in spite of the growing awareness, of the positive benefits of early detection, many women still fail to include a breast cancer screening as part of their routine physical assessments. This is yet another reason to incorporate reminder items such as breast cancer awareness bracelets into the consumer base. The more often people are reminded of a concept the more comfortable they grow with the idea. By performing monthly self checks, irregularities or lumps may be detected in the early stages of breast cancer and early diagnosis can be properly confirmed by a physician. Women should encourage each other to undergo regular testing and to report any and all suspicious breast abnormalities to their physician. Maintaining your health is important for moms and grandmoms who want to be there as their children grow into adulthood.Don’t allow breast cancer to rob you you and your loved ones of precious life time.
To find out more information on how you can increase your Breast Cancer Awareness, check out our Breast Cancer Awareness page. Click the link to get your very own breast cancer awareness bracelets and other item. Join the cause today!

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