Breville Juicer Reviews: Get a Single Mom Pro Juicer

More and more people are realizing the value of living a raw lifestyle.  Even those who don’t buy into the raw way of life 100% can definitely agree that there are numerous positive health implications.  Because many find it difficult to maintain a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, people are turning to juicing in droves.  The nature of juicing is simply to extract the vitamins, minerals and nutrients from fresh produce to consume, store and distribute this valuable product in a more consumer friendly way.  With that being said, let’s consider the aspects of pro juicers.

In order to get the very best value and the highest quality juice from your fruits and vegetables, purchasing the right juicer for your family is a must.  Many people like to consume pulp and add nuts and other grain products to their juices.  Others are more interested in separating the pulp as waste product from their juice.  Still other are most interested in creating a more puree texture for sauces or infant consumption.  Each of the desired uses can dictate that you need different types of juicers.

While there are many consumer and commercial brands of pro juicers, they all fall into three basic categories and quite a wide range of prices.  You can find non-powered basic juicers under $100 and they can increase in price up to more than $1000 when you price the multitasking powered units.  In order to select the appropriate type for you, think about your primary use for the juicer.  Will you typically use it for preparing sauces or puddings? Perhaps you want to make a quick, high quality morning beverage instead of giving your family overpriced and over-processed juice boxes. Or maybe you prefer to have your juices with a little more texture such as with orange juice with pulp.  Whatever the case may be, this is the first step in determining which juicer is right for you.   Take a look at some of the most popular brands below and stay tuned for our next lesson on selecting the right Projuicer. 

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