Defiance and Discipline: The Perils of Single Parenting

The number of single parent households is increasing every single year. While this is due to a number of contributing factors such as teen pregnancy, divorce, or death of a loved one, the end result is that navigating the waters of single parenthood is a major challenge. When rearing a child, under any circumstances, appropriate and effective discipline is very important. The appropriate technique will guide your little one into developing into a responsible, dependable contributor to society. Often times, the road to success in parenting is not exactly easy street. In addition to working through the anger of a child at the break-up of his parents, the resulting co-parenting situation also presents a major hurdle in getting on the same parenting page. Read on to learn about other advantages and perils of single parenting.

Greater Parental Control

In some single parent situations, being the only parent allows greater influence on tthe activities of your children, along with their nutrition, habits and discipline structure. This, however, can be an issue when the single parent may lack appropriate perspectives on discipline techniques. This problem can be intensified if the parent was once a childhood victim of abuse or neglect.

Controlling Children?

Team Work?

Another commonly seen problem in co-parenting situations is the divide and conquer technique that children can employ in order to get their way. Playing one parent against the other can result in greater privileges and other benefits when parents compete against each other for affection from their kids. Single parents would be wise to remain cognizant of such tactics and make every effort to support each other in similar discipline techniques.

Lack of Support

One of the perils of single parenting is the lack of support. When a single parent must play the role of mom and dad in addition to nurse, housekeeper, chauffeur, tutor, referee, and counselor , that could get to be a bit much for anyone! Maintaining a consistent mode of discipline is also a challenge when there is no consistent support system to reinforce the rules. One way single parents can get support in dealing with such perils of single parenting is to join a single parent support group. Such communities can provide education, networks and perhaps most importantly, the compassionate ear of those who are sharing in your experiences as a single mom and discipline techniques that have worked for others.

Stress and Pressure

Stress and increased pressure also goes with the territory of single parenting. As the sole provider of the physical, emotional and financial support of the household, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the never ending responsibilities. This is another way in which single parent support groups can be of tremendous help to recommend and even provide resources to ease many of the responsibilities of single parenting. Dealing with stress and pressure effectively can help single moms maintain a clear perspective in the discipline process as to not go under or overboard.

Help is Here!

Help with Parenting Skills

While single parenting is one of the toughest jobs you will ever have, it is also the most rewarding. In order to increase your parenting skills you must surround yourself with those with higher levels of skill and more advanced parental experience. To find out more about dealing with the perils of single parenting, subscribe to our free weekly newsletter which provides quick parenting tips and resources on Raising Your Family IQ and Grooming the Next Generation for Success. Check back often to find updated stories from our readers or just to vent your frustrations! See you on the inside!

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