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How to Improve Communication Skills to Identify Depression in Teens

How to improve communication skills is a question that is often asked by the parents of troubled teens. Because teenagers can often keep feelings of sadness inside, depression in teens often goes unnoticed.  This can be especially true if there has been a loss of a parent to death or abandonment.  Very difficult divorces may also illicit feelings of anger or resentment for either parent. Learning how to improve communication skills can help in identifying teenage depression.

When you are learning how to improved communication skills, here are some signs to watch for during difficult situations or during the teen years in general:

  •     Changes in eating  or sleeping habits
  •     A gain or loss of weight in a short period of time
  •     Fights at school or changes in grades
  •     Isolation or withdrawal from friends
  •     New friends who radically differ from the norm
  •     Displays of hostility or anger
  •     Signs of drug use
  •     A loss of interest in favorite activities
  •     Appearing gloomy or down

how to improve communication skills

How to Improve Communication Skills

While some of these signs are normal in isolation, if these changes appear suddenly and last longer than a week or so, talk with your troubled teen about your observations.  Listen carefully. Many parents overlook the listening aspect of the equation because they don’t take the steps necessary to learn how to improve communication skills. If he expresses thoughts on death or dying or hurting himself or others, seek professional help immediately. Parenting support groups can help by providing tips and advice on how to bring any unresolved issues under control. Many parenting support groups offer workshops for single parents so that they can have a valuable resource when learning how to improve communication skills. Even in challenging situations, remember that your teen is still a child who is struggling to become an adult.  Though single parents often have close relationships with their teenagers, setting and enforcing boundaries is still important.  Make sure that your teen adheres to the household rules such as finishing chores, keeping curfews and checking in periodically.

How to Improve Communication skills.

Learning how to improve communication skills will determine how well you relate to your teen.  Keep in mind that parenting is not all about policing your teen.  Be sure to make time to engage in enjoyable activities as a family and maintain family traditions if possible.  Even though the terrible teens may seem endless right now, before you can blink an eye, she will be out of the house and on her own.  Treasure this time together because they do grow up so fast. One very valuable resource in getting help with parenting or learning how to improve communication skills, is Family IQ. 

How to Improve Communication Skills

This online parenting skills and communication course provides articles, tests, ongoing assessments and parent coaching resources so that you can get the help you need to learn how to improve communication skills.  Take advantage of the help offered by Family IQ.Now that you have some ideas on tackling the terrible teens, develop the skills to understand any personality and communicate easily with anyone.  This online course which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week can also help you in your home based business.  Take our  Family IQ free assessment at to learn how to improve your communication skills today.

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