Online Email Marketing – How to Make Extra Money From Home

online email marketing

Online email marketingOnline email marketing is synonymous with working from home. How to make extra money from home is a thought that goes through almost everyone’s mind at one time or another. The problem that most people have is not deciding that they want to make extra money from home.  The question is always HOW to make extra money from home.  The use of online email marketing is gaining in popularity with many home based business enthusiasts.  The versatility that it offers makes it an attractive revenue stream as well as a cost effective mode of marketing various products.

Online Email Marketing – A Host of Benefits

The benefits of online email marketing are many.  The fact that it is a low cost method of advertising and customer interaction makes it an outstanding choice for the home based business ownerand the huge multimedia organizations such as Agora.  Online email marketing offers an efficient mode of communication and it can be easily tracked for statistical purposes.  Since email is now an acceptable mode of communication by most people, it has become an integral part everyone’s lives and is depended upon by many marketers today.

Online Email Marketing – Tips to Get You Started

Respect your subscribers’ email privacy.  Not only is it bad form to share your subscribers’ email addresses with other marketers, it is also illegal.  Your compliance with the CAN- Spam Act of 2003 is imperative in order to stay in business and out of trouble.   It is also a must to develop an email privacy policy that is clearly stated for your subscribers.  This will go a long way in creating a good rapport with potential subscribers and ease their concerns with doing business with you.

Customize your broadcasts.  Branding is very important when planning an online email marketing campaign.  It only costs a few bucks to have a professional header made on a freelancing site like Fiverr or Odesk.  This will lend consistency to all of your online email marketing campaigns and give your business a professional presence.  Personalizing each email with the recipient’s name is also a good idea.  This helps to build a bond with your readers and boosts readership of your publications.

Reward loyalty.  Giving your readers incentives and promotional items for continued interest is a good way to build and maintain valuable relationships with your audience.  Recall how you felt when you received a thank you gift or a bonus from a business associate.  Chances are you held them in an even higher regard for showing appreciation for your continued support.  It works the same way in an online email marketing campaign. Not only will this garner an even deeper sense of loyalty, but it will get you valuable word of mouth advertising that only great customer service can bring.

online email marketingAsk for referrals.  By placing a link where your subscribers can refer a friend, you will get coveted personal endorsements.  This strategy will only be useful if you treat your subscribers with respect and maintain a good rapport with them throughout your online email marketing campaign.  With the onset of social media, the use of the share and like buttons also works in the same manner, but stand to spread virally.  Adding the Add-it feature is also a good idea for all of your online email marketing campaigns. 

Give un-matched value.  A good online email marketing campaign is not all about extracting cash from your audience.  The objective of a good online marketing campaign is to build a long lasting mutually beneficial business relationship. In this regard, make sure you provide valuable content to your audience in the form of free reports, tips, techniques and other information that they will find useful. 

The success of your online email marketing endeavors will depend upon whether or not you build your brand with honesty and integrity.  These are just a few of the many ways to ensure a responsive relationship with your subscribers and a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.  In order to get even more tips on how to build your business the right way, check out our free video on why most marketers fail in their attempts at a home based business.  To get an unfair advantage over your competition, get some Single Mom Maximum Leverage today. Take your business to the next level with targeted online email marketing.


online email marketing

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