Single Mom Scientist: Who says you can’t have it all?


While the population of single moms is growing, there is little growth in the population of women in science. Once upon a time, even married women were relegated to staying home and taking care of the children while putting their career aspirations on hold. Single moms, unfortunately, do not have that luxury. In addition to stepping into the role of mom and dad, single moms must also wear the hats of provider and head of household. With this responsibility, comes the financial challenge of putting food on the table and shoes on little feet.

As the economy tightens and jobs become more challenging to attain, single moms must become even more creative in how they earn their income. While there will be many challenges ahead, maintaining the right attitude can make all the difference in the world. One way to open a world of opportunity is to delve into industries where women are underrepresented. Becoming a single mom scientist opens a very diverse array of opportunities. From the food sciences, to health care, to quality assurance, there is bound to be some facet of science that brings out the single mom scientist in you. Many such positions pay reasonably well, have day time hours, and even on the job training!

One way to get started on your way to single mom scientist extraordinaire, is to do you due diligence. A quick Google search for jobs in science will give you an idea of what might be available in your area. Other job resources such as Monster and Careerbuilder can also tell you which way the market is headed in the science. Another step on your way to becoming a single mom scientist, is to talk with science professors at your local university or community college. Many often have grant funds where they can pay interested parties to set up and monitor their research. You could even get to participate in the cure for cancer and have your name published with research scientist known all over the world.
With a positive outlook and creative mindset, you can easily succeed as a single mom scientist. Imagine the positive example you will set for your little ones on how to overcome deficits and face challenges head on and succeed!

While parenting your little ones is always the number one priority, there is nothing wrong with effectively balancing family responsibility with personal fulfillment. In our community, you will meet scores of women who have effectively managed family life and a successful career. Many have even succeeded to the point of running their own businesses. They offer tips for our community on how to make the most of your time and family life while learning clever ways to generate passive income. Follow in their footsteps by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, Single Mom Weekly. Additional resources can be found at and Dani As always, I am

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