Single Mom Slim Belly Secrets!

Slim Belly Secrets for Single Moms

Slim belly secrets seem to be elusive to a lot of women. We all know that weight loss is a multi-billion dollar business here in America with more women seeking to learn how to lose tummy fat than men.  If you are anything like me, you have seen a thousand gadgets that claim to get you a slim belly and tone thighs, but let’s be honest.  They just simply don’t work. 

In retrospect, it seems like they should. I mean, when we work our muscles you can feel the burn and in a lot of cases, you can even see notable results in a relatively short period of time.  However, it seems to be just a little different when we are trying to get a slim belly or even just trying to see a few results in abdominal fat loss. With obesity increasing across the globe, now is a good time to really focus in on a good diet plan for weight loss. 

Many people experience significant weight loss but still are stumped when it comes to getting a slim belly.  One of the issues with a situation like this is that people lose weight in many different ways, yet don’t understand that belly fat is fat just like any other.  If you still have problems getting a slim belly, there is one thing to understand:  Ab machines are only going to go so far. 

Usually the problem is that many women have well-defined, tone stomachs, but there is simply a layer of fat that has yet to be banished. How do you get rid of this last hurdle to a slim belly?  Well, here are some Single Mom Slim Belly Secrets that we have compiled from our staff and subscribers.

Single Mom Slim Belly Secret # 1

slim bellyDiet is Queen.  Clean up your diet in order to lose tummy fat so that you can see a tone stomach and maybe even an ab or two!  Exercise is important, but your diet dictates your metabolism and how it works on helping you with abdominal fat loss.  It is important to know the basics of a balanced diet so take some time to research the role of different foods in your diet, and design a diet plan for weight loss that works for you.

Single Mom Slim Belly Secret #2

Intensify your workout.  It is okay to do your treadmill or elliptical cardio.  It is even better to alternate your cardio workout with resistance training.  Once you become comfortable on one level, make sure you amp up the intensity so that you keep your body guessing.  The human body is lazy and quick to adapt to the path of least resistance.  This can also work for you on the treatmill or elliptical.  Raise you intensity levels by increasing the resistance or raising the incline.  Eventually you will be able to do both with no sweat.  This little nugget will go a long way in helping you achieve a slim belly.

Single Mom Slim Belly Secret #3

Forget about your abs!  Yes, you heard me right.  Forget about ‘em.  One of the problems women encounter when trying to get to that slim belly is that they focus too much on abdominal fat loss.  Even when working out at the gym, too much time is spent on crunches, sit-ups, curls and stuff like that.  Targeting a specific muscle group while ignoring overall fat loss, is a mistake that men and women make every day.  The object of this slim belly game is to increase the body’s overall metabolism and reduce the overall body fat percentage.  Focusing your workouts on larger muscle groups like the legs, chest and back will not only give you more bang for our buck, but burn more calories overall.  Full body exercises and calisthenics can get you on the way to a slim belly and great looking abs.

There is so much hype going around about the best way to achieve abdominal fat loss. The best way to cut through the chase and learn the truth about abs is the go directly to the source.  Take a look at this video by Michael Geary.  Mike is a nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist, and international author. In his short video, lets you in on The Truth About Abs.

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