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Now the Government Wants Your Passwords


Latest News Headlines

Bananas Thrown At Italy’s First Black Minister Sparks Outrage

Weiner Roast in NYC

Single Mom Weekly latest news headlines

Weedkillers Linked to Depression in Farmers

Americans More Stressed Than Ever – Numbers With Irregular Heartbeat Expected to Double

1000 Prisoners Break From Jail in Libya


Executive Order: Federal Workers – Spy On Each Other

Kokesh Accused of Possession of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

Colorado Counties Push to Secede From State

Hernandez Fingered As Firing Fatal Shot

Photographer Captures Own Assassination on Film


Homeland Security Conducts Top Secret Drill

Zimmerman Acquittal to Dwarf Rodney King and Martin Luther King Jr. Race Riots

“Deeply Concerned” Obama Ponders Egypt Strategy

Disturbing FDA Drug Recall

Liver Created From Stem Cells in Lab



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Obama Tells U.S. Media to Behave

Supreme Justice Kennedy Denies Emergency Motion to Stop Gay Marriage

Death Valley May Top All Time World Record Temperature

Mandela Family Battles Over Family Graves

Coming Soon:  Legalized Marijuana???

Drones:  Coming Soon to A Backyard Near You

Your XBox Is Watching You!

The All Knowing Didn’t Know?

IRS to Pay $70,000,000 in Employee Bonuses

Minnesota Cheerleader Accused of Prostituting Teammate



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NSA:  Foiled By A Flash Drive

Marriage Rates Hit Historic Lows

70% Americans Oppose Arming Syrian Rebels

Lil Wayne Stomps American Flag While Shooting Video

China Sensors Winnie the Pooh and Tigger


latest news headlines

City of Detroit Defaults to Stave Off Largest Municipal Bankruptcy in History

Progress Made in Colorado Wildfire

Ayatollah Tells U.S. to “Step Off!”

Holder Vows Punishment for NSA Leaker

CIA Deputy Director Resigns

IRS Cancels Spy Equipment on Wishlist

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Girl Scouts to Face Own Controversy: Abortion

Riot Preparations for DHS????

Facebook to Become More Transparent on Information Sharing



Your Online Secrets:  No Longer Secret. . .

New App Prevents Government  Tracking of Your Cell Phone Use?

Chicago Sees 25¢ Gas Jump in Just One Day!

Bill Makes Harassing A Cop A Felony Offense

Cyber Robbing A Gas Station


Prisoner  collects unemployement

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Padding Prisoners’ Pockets

It’s Now Open Season on Your DNA

Sleeping Woman Assaulted in Harlem Hospital

Did Drone Almost Take Out A Passenger Jet?

Figo, Canine Officer, Pays Final Respects to Fallen Partner


Ghosts of Christmas Past Still Collecting Welfare Checks in Massachusetts

The Death of the U.S. Dollar

Neighbors Called to Spy on Each Other in Light of Soldier Attack

Airline to Start Charging By the Pound. Literally.


U. S. Defense System Found Vulnerable to Chinese Hackers

U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder:  “I’m Sorry.”

Papa John’s Employee’s Racist Butt Dial Voicemail

Liberty Reserve’s $6 Billion Money Laundering Project Hits the Skids

Explosion Follows Collision as Train Derails

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Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Gets the Gavel

Another Death Occurs in Police Custody

Off Duty Cop Uses Neighbor’s Cat For Target Practice

NOAA Scrambles As Weather Satellite Fails Just in Time For Hurricane Season

Are You Volunteering to Wear An Electronic Leash?


Collapsed I-5 Bridge Repairs to Top $15 Million

Florida Teen Rejects Plea Deal in Same Sex Case

Ex-Judge Allegedly Stole Cocaine From His Own Courtroom

6th Graders Face Possible Felony Charges on Child Pornography

Kidnapping Hero Charles Ramsey Gets Free McDonald’s For A Year

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Missing Teen Found on Pot Farm; Confined to Metal Box

Obamacare Call Center Won’t Offer Healthcare

Thousands of Bees Attack Woman; Kills Horse


latest news headline

Online Daters Most Popular Fraud Target in Canada


single mom latest news headlines

U. S. Birthrate Hits All-Time Low Due to Weak Economic Recovery

Miss USA Turns to Online Dating to Find A Date!

Young Adults Delay Parenthood

Meet the 4 Year Old Mayor of Minnesota Town

Bill to Defund Schools With Rules Against Playing with Imaginary Guns

How Facebook Is Ruining Your Relationship Status


Mom Wins Suit After False Positive Drug Test

Bridezilla Strikes Again . . .

Single Mom Bride

Mother and Godmother to Be Charged with Hate Crime in Murder of Alex Spourdalakis

It’s Amazing! Kanye West Refuses to Change Daughter’s Diapers!

10 Men Women Date Before Tying the Knot



Get Your Kids to Do Chores. Really.

What He REALLY Thinks About Your Body

Teaching Your Kid About Charity

Cirque Du Soleil Performer Dies During Performance

If Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Brad Pitt Strike Out, Is Hollywood Played Out?



Woman Kills Boyfriend With Shoe

Man Who Fathered 22 Children Sued for Child Support

Woman Attempts to Live On Water and Sunlight for 6 Months

6 Outdoor Stress Relief Activities

Single Mom Playing

Washington Teen Told to Cover Cleavage At Prom

Single Women to Face Doubling of Healthcare Premiums Due to Obamacare

Do We Really Just Have A Slue of “Frenemies”?

single moms

How About This: Home Births Safer Than Hospital Deliveries

School Scans Students’ Biometric Information Without Parental Permission

8th Grader to Face A Year In Prison for NRA T-Shirt

Is It Time to Legalize Prostitution?

Are Immigrants More Fertile?  Let’s Ask Jeb Bush

Boy Shots Mom Over Chores War

Venezuela To Ban Bottle Feeding?

Visiting Dad In Prison: A Sesame Street Production

Elmo Sesame Street

Time For A Woman In The White House?

How to Parent Teenage Boys


Cheating Husband Outed on Facebook

Drop this Relationship Advice NOW!

Plus Sized Models on the Cutting Edge of the Fashion Industry

Top 10 Children’s Hospitals in the U.S.


Single Mom Scientist


Phoenix Mom Behind Bars; Accused of Drugging Kids

9 Year Old Gets Through Customs With Toy Passport!  And That’s Not All. . .



Single Mom Stress

The Secret Shame of Motherhood

Police Chief Now Targeting Little Kids

School Bus Driver Fired for Sticking Up For Hungry Kid on Facebook

Mom Gives Birth; Had No Idea She was Pregnant!

Little Girl Photoshopped by California Government Agency to Appear Obese


The 10 Worst Foods to Feed Your Children

Boy Scouts Defy No Uniform Order At Utah Gay Pride Parade

Michael Douglas Oral Sex and Throat Cancer Link Shocker


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Single Moms to Be Fined In China

Transgender Teen Voted Prom Queen

Teen Sex? NYC Has An App For That

Bullying Takes on Whole New Dynamic as Frienemy Murder in VA Uncovered

Wal-Mart Racist Kidnapping Scandal

Moms: Breadwinners for 40% of Households

Mom Jailed for Mooning Kids on School Bus

Single Mom Help with parenting

Baby Boy Survives Being Flushed Down A Toilet

Fiery Car Crash Claims the Lives of 5 Teens in Orange County

Dying 10 Year Old Denied Lung Transplant for Being A Kid

Bad Dad Arrested for Leaving 6 Month Old in Freezer for Half Hour

Zimmerman Trial Moves Forward As Defense Loses Key Motions

3 Year Old Cuts to the Chase on Childbirth

Spot the Early Signs of Autism

Toilets: Back to Basics for Marriage in India

latest news headlines

Thinking of Freezing Your Eggs? Read This First!

Woman to Would-Be Thugs: Not On My Watch!

Oklahoma Victim’s Final Words for Mom

100’s of Police Officers Converge on Kindergarten Graduation

Are Single Moms Sabotaging Their Sons?

Miracle Birth of Healthy Baby By Dead Mom

Are Working Parents Playing the “Kid Card”?



latest news headlines





Money Matters

5 Questions That Will Torpedo Your Chances of Landing The Job

Man Loses $33 Billion In Just 16 Months

Walmart Allegedly Overtaxes Coupon Using Customers

Is Your College Going Broke?


latest news headlines, single mom syndication

Rising Mortgage Rates Deter Potential Homebuyers

Walmart’s Top Competitor Buys 212 New Stores

10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

Generate Up to 2000+ Leads For Your Home Business in 24 Hours!

Jumpstart Your Affiliate Marketing Business


Rich Schefren

9 Job Mistakes That Can Stall Your Career

8 Money Conversations You Need to Have With Your Partner

Don’t Let These Tech Gadgets Gobble Your Budget

China Investigates Baby Milk Price Fixing

The Truth About Being Poor in America


single mom latest headlines


The 10 Worst States to Retire

Apple Paid No UK Corporation Taxes in 2012

Forbes List: The World’s Billionaires

The Rise of the One Person Million Dollar Business

The High Price of Highly Processed Carbohydrates



Carfax to Face Lawsuit From American Car Dealers

Hate Your Job?  You’re Not Alone!

Bishop Reamed For Asking Congregation to Pay for Helicopter Upgrade

Dolce & Gabbana Headed to Slammer for Tax Evasion

Warner, Atlantic Sued Over Unpaid Internships



single moms


McDonald’s Franchise Sued Over Payroll Cards

First Lady’s $3K A Night Suite

Ghosts of Computers Present

The Secret to Becoming Smart and Successful: Napping!

Struggling In Affiliate Marketing? Free Software Helps Automate Your Efforts


How Be An Affiliate Marketing Success


Digital Coupon Site Retail-Me-Not Files for IPO

Termites Terminate Woman’s Life Savings

Obamacare Glitch Could Place Affordable Healthcare Out of Reach for Many Lower Wage Workers

$560,000 for Two Parking Spaces?!?

Bank of America Under Scrutiny for Lying to Homeowners

Senate Snubs Students As They Struggle Under Student Loan Debt

Employment “Background Screenings” Set Off Rash of Race Discrimination Complaints

Here’s An Idea:  Forgive It All!

Chicago Sun Times’ Photographers to Be Replaced with Iphones

Your Union Dues At Work:  Union President Sleeps It Up At Work

Are Debtor’s Prisons Making A Comeback?

Student Loan Delinquencies Hit A New High

IRS Facing Lawsuit For Targeting Conservative Groups

Future Job Growth Outlook Not Encouraging

Single Mom and Kids


Your Tax Dollars At Work:  Kangaroo Evades Florida Cops For 10 Hours

Room Service Heading the Way of the Dinosaur

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Low Walmart Wages Could Cost Taxpayers $900,000 Every Year

Can You Afford $20,000 A Year For Obamacare?

Is the Push for Getting A College Education Really A Money Making Scam?

District Court Student Loan Repayment Solution: Put Your Wife to Work

Single Mom Graduate


Amy’s Baking Company Drama Continues

Looking For Steady Leads For Your Home Business?

Time is Money For German Cafe Netflix Shares Slide Tuesday on Arrested Development Rebirth


What a Mom’s Salary Would REALLY Be Worth

“I’m SO surprised the bank executives were guilty of a bank fraud conspiracy.” (Said No One Ever. . .)

Wal-Mart Faces $82 Million Fine for Illegally Dumping Hazardous Waste

9 No-No’s:  What NOT to Say When Posturing for A Raise

 Single Mom Weekly

College Enrollment Drops. . . Are Young Adults Wising Up?

Got A New High School Grad? Check Out This Student Loan Guide.

Entrepreneurship:  Build Your Own Spare Body Parts

Entrepreneurship: The New Escape From Unemployment?

Ready to Run Your Own Business? Here’s What NOT to Do. . .

Single Mom Home Based Business Training2

Find Out Who’s Making $200 A Day and How They Are Quitting Their Jobs to Work at Home

Struggling in Your Home Business? Learn How to Recruit Like Crazy.

Shhhhh!  Solo Ad Secrets


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