Single Mom Tips to Cutting Your Career Losses

We all have those days when we want to run from the premises screaming, but is it really the right time to quit your job? Single moms especially have to think very, very carefully when planning an escape of sorts from these institutions of lower earnings. One of the biggest problems we all face when leaving a dismal job situation is if we are making the right decision at the right time. Let's look at some indicators for both sides of the coin.

When to Stick it Out

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you have a relatively short time to meet a significant milestone, such as retirement, pension vesting, or lifetime health benefits, it might be a good idea to hang in there to meet the milestone. As rough as it might be, you'll be glad you did.

The problem can be fixed. Many times, opportunities exist that can eliminate whatever problem wreaking havoc on your work life. Sometimes, a change of work group can make all the difference. Have you considered transferring to a different department altogether? Seek out any plausible solution before throwing in the towel.

Single Mom Stressful JobThe finances are frazzled. No one knows your situation better than you do. However, most people work for a paycheck. Before making any hasty decisions, take a good hard look at your financial situation to accurately determine if you can afford to kick your boss to the curb right now. Do you have at least 6 months of savings set aside? If not, slow your roll and get a plan together first. Don't get left holding the credit card bag in the employment line. With this being said, there are some instances where it is best to cut your losses. One of the things I see people do all too often is to keep trying to make a wrong decision right. This is done personally and professionally and I am no exception. There seems to be a certain amount of guilt in simply quitting. Often there is a perceived stigma of being a "Quitter" whether you're talking about a job or relationship.

Society has created such a competitive atmosphere that people are viewing anything other than success as failure when this is just not the case. The problem with this line of thinking is that there are some things that will never produce a successful outcome and should not be endured. There is nothing wrong with redirecting your efforts in a more productive direction.

Some things are designed intentionally to lead to dead ends. A corrupt corporate culture is one of them. Single moms have enough stress without having to spend 8-, 10-, or even 12-16 hours grinning and bearing drama and hostility at work. Too many times, people ignore the warning signs for so long that they eventually become immune to them. It is then a surprise when you get called in for the Pink Slip Production. We all hear about the survival of the fittest concept. Well, one of the characteristics of the fittest is being adaptable to change. Recognizing long-standing trends is also a plus. If you've been asleep at the wheel for the last 5 months or 5 years, here are some indicators that it's probably time to jump ship.

When to Run

Excessive Belt Tightening. Profitability and profits are up but there is a massive workforce shortage contributing to a miserable workplace. If tempers are high and tolerance is low, this could demonstrate an environment of health-harming stress. Remember that health always trumps wealth. If you dread going to work every day and the headache you've had all day mysteriously disappears as soon as you clock out, get in your car, step on the gas and don't look back.

Talented People Are Leaving in Droves. A mass exodus is a clear sign that there is something seriously amiss. Mediocre corporate managers tend to fear innovative, progressive subordinates. These types of individuals tend not to stay in one position in the company for years on end. They are always seeking to do more and search for internal opportunities for personal growth. A huge clue that you have found yourself in a stagnant environment is that the majority of your peers are either very new to the company or are long time veterans.

It is also useful to consider the trends of those employees who leave the company. Are they moving up (in the organization), moving out, retiring or something else? Anything other than moving up in the company is cause for further analysis. If you find yourself surrounded by idiots mediocrity, leaving is most likely your only positive out.

Passivity is Valued over Passion. Mediocre managers use a number of tactics to drive out A-list employees. Their desire to maintain a strong population of C-list followers takes precedence over the good of the organization. These tactics include but are not limited to implementing inane, control-freak rules and regulations, logging/timing bathroom breaks, and excessively monitoring incidental personal use of company time (you spent 11 minutes on the phone when company policy limits conversations at 10). Seriously. People need to get a life. If your company could be a case study for instituting the "Yes Man Mentality" it may be time for change.

Perpetuating Fear. The best way to perpetuate fear in the workplace is to make all company decisions behind closed doors and then sporadically implement massive changes with no explanation. Progressive employees typically do not care for being left in the dark. Having some input in the company's plans helps individuals to appropriately plan their career. At the end of the day, a leadership team who treats their employees as dispensable cogs will only erode their bottom line with high turnover rates and disloyal, disgruntled C-List employees.

All Talk, No Action. Accountability is imperative for trust in the workplace. If you are constantly promised things that never seem to come to fruition, this is the biggest of all red flags that trust and respect in the workplace has gone the way of the dinosaur. Your talents and contributions are better served where they will be valued and rewarded.

Quitting your job can be a life altering decision. This decision affects not only the individual, but your family as well. By the same token, remaining in a place that consistently erodes your morale and sense of honor can do just as much or more damage on the home front. While everyone's story is different, we all deserve to be appreciated and provided with equal opportunities for personal and professional growth.

We should all keep in mind that our jobs are there to support our personal lives and not the other way around. Going home every day frustrated and exhausted affects our family relationships and our own sense of personal well being. Even if you have to implement some cost cutting measures, your kids and your health will thank you for a happier, healthier, more balanced way of life.Now that you are clear on the signs, get out of the rat race for good. Learn how to build a business of your own at

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