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Knife Sharpening

Everybody knows that it is so much more handy to work using sharp blade. Unfortunately, every blade little by little gets dull and thus needs visiting the knife sharpening service to make its edge razor sharp again.

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It is obvious that various types of knives need different blade sharpening methods and tools. It is a lot easier to sharpen a straight plain edge knife compared to a curved one. Serrated knife is considered the most problematic for sharpening and it can be really hard to sharpen it at home. The quality as well as hardness of metal utilized in your knife is very important: soft steels similar to 420, Sandvic or even AUS-6 can be sharpened fast and easy whereas hard steels such as VG10 as well as CPM S30V need significant time together with diamond knife sharpening tools so that you can get good results. The length of the knife is also a key point: it is actually more convenient to work with a shorter knife.

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Before you begin the knife sharpening process think about typical application of your knife. If you typically cut mushy materials like leather, rag or meat, go with smaller blade sharpening angle. We suggest 25 degree as a first step. In case you work with wood, solid plastics, etc, we suggest to go with 40 degree value that will help your blade to stay sharp for a longer time. Standard sharpening angle for the all-purpose knife is 30 degree.

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If you would like to study the art of knife sharpening, think of buying a knife sharpening stone or one of these knife sharpening kits available in various online shops. For people who are new to the knife sharpening we suggest to start with a kit as it makes it less difficult to hold the same sharpening position through the whole process and guaranties good results. And you can always buy the knife sharpening stone in the future, if you like.

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